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in castro valley. 56 in richmond, a little bit closer on the coast, cooler. dealey city, 70's and santa rosa. -- daly city this storm tracker pattern that we saw in the month of january it is going to stay dry. this is where we should be with rainfall totals for this time of year. but 6 in., in san francisco, we should see 5 in. however, we are well below for this time of year. the only areas in santa rosa, we desperately need the rainfall but we're not going to be getting it. this dry weather will continue for this week, the weekend and actually pretty warm. it is more like springtime. with even low 70's. >> catherine: an owl has a close call after getting hit by an s-u-v on the florida turnpike. the owl got stuck inside an s-u-v thursday night when a woman hit the bird as she was driving. the woman assumed the owl was road kill.but he survived and slipped through the s-u-v grill. afternoon that she noticed the owl caged in her s-u-v. she called florida fish and wildlife and an officer opened the hood and freed the bird. >> coming up speed hymps in the next edition of people behaving badly.
afternoon started on the other side of the mountain. 20-25 mountains, is big bear that is this city. where there have been a burned out truck found last week. that is very near where he ended up brokibroke into a home, and stole a car and he was even approached by officials and he opened fire on california fish & wildlife. they've managed to escape unharmed however, he opened fire on two san bernadino officers with one recently perished. >> pam: perhaps nobody if it has familiar with that. that is a difficult area to search can you describe that area for people that might not be familiar? >> reporter: extremely difficult this city of big bear is small. perhaps maybe the second firetruck hyoscine and other cars have been pedestrians' but you have seen it. that was only the second -- firetruck i have seen. and that is where we are, he essentially is the woods. beyond that, perhaps a 25-30 mi. that they have been searching. this is the back country of california. just a few days ago, they had a big dumping of snow which was extremely difficult. and they are still trying to figure out if he wa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2